A new beauty ritual for your hair.

A treatment based on natural oils that enhances, retrieves and highlights the hair beauty, providing it with impressive gloss and lightness.

Its delicious and alluring fragrance with a touch of amber and vanilla background fascinates and remits to the exoticism of oriental perfumes.


Morocco: Argan oil.

Women in Morocco found out how to protect their hair with Argan Oil, which in addition to take care of the hair, provides incredible softness.

Egypt: the secrets of fascinating Cleopatra.

Queen of queens and a seduction symbol until present time. Among her beauty rituals, there was a treatment based on Cyperus oil that made her hair smooth, luminous and with a velvety touch.

The mediterranean ancient culture: Linseed oil. The brightness of the sea and luminosity of the Mediterranean are mixed in the Linseed oil. A beauty ritual transmitted through generations that provides an amazing hair gloss.

Impressive softness, luminosity and gloss

Three natural oils

Argan Oil: liquid gold from the desert.

That’s how this oil is called, because of its amazing texture and glow.
Extracted fom a fruit called Argania Spinosa, the Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and essential oils. It strengthens the hair, making it extremely glossy and very soft.

Cyperus Oil: pure softness to the touch.
Cyperus is a plant that has been cultivated in Egypt for more than 4 thousand years. It is the source of a oil rich in fatty acids and tocopherol that provides a natural protection against free radicals. It provides softness and volume, making the hair easy to handle, smooth and flexible.

Linseed Oil: instant gloss.
The linen plant seeds are the source of a precious oil that seals and softens the hair cuticle, providing uniformity and control.

As a result, you get a hair that captures and reflects light with spectacular shine.